a good man with a bad habit


we are all addicted to something that takes the pain away

in the dark, i am trying to find the lost pieces of my heart

can we have another night? yes, i wanna spend another night with you… just another night so i won’t think that what happened that night was just a one night stand. 

day 51: #loststars on track :) #100happydays #typography #lettering #onenightstand

day 51: #loststars on track :) #100happydays #typography #lettering #onenightstand

umalis man ako,
lumayo, malayo sayo
ngunit ang isip at puso ko,
hinding hindi mawawaglit sayo.

iba man ang kasama ko,
iba man ang kapiling ko,
iba man ang minamahal ko,
pagtingin sayo’y di magbabago

minahal kita
kinalimutan kita
akala ko lang pala
dahil mahal pa rin kita

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soft voice



i love you

October 15, 2014

Dear friend,


I don’t know how to start this, or should I start writing this, but I guess I can’t hide anything from you. Sooner or Later you’ll know about this so I guess it’s better to tell you now.

I’m in the darker side of the University. I thought I would never do these things, and then one day, I just found myself doing so.  I smoke now – very often than the usual but still in moderation.

Few days ago, I slept with one of the head-turners in school. It was fun. It feels like I got a perfect score in one of the three fucking long quizzes in inorganic chemistry class. Then just yesterday, or until now I guess; I want to hook up with the professor I met at the third floor in IC Building. Then just this afternoon, I flirt with one of the cheer dancers of the University.

I was totally out of control now. I do things that never would I realized I can. I crave for something that was not usual. I don’t know if this is all a by-product of the fact that there’s a bigger chance of me moving in another country.

Always in my thoughts,