and our pictures will become old photographs _____________________________________________________________________________

we live in this world with full of judgments from other people

Dear friend,

I’m trying to figure out what I am feeling now-a-days. Am I sad or happy? I really can’t figure it out. But one thing is for sure, I am learning how to live by myself again. Like the usual. Just like before. I’m enjoying the peaceful afternoon and a quiet night.

I was like this a long time ago. I miss the solitude I was embracing for a long time ago. And now, I am about to embrace it again for good reasons. It is not I am trying to keep away myself from people, it is just I know it will help me for my future. Kind of weird I know, on the other hand, I’m liking it; again.

Every night, I am asking myself if this is the life I want to hold, it is still unanswered yet I know one day, someone or something will make me realize what I really want to do. Maybe, I am just enjoying it again and one day, I will miss being with people again, those who I treasured before.

I am not missing them and I’m not looking forward to see them again. What a strange feeling I know. Anyhow, I hope you’re doing well.

Always in my thoughts,


bruised by pain, honor by glory

Burot beach is a secluded beach situated along the shores of Calatagan, Batangas. It has a bit of semi-fine cream sand beach, beautiful rock formations and scattered with trees. 

When we arrived there, the heat was a bit intolerable thus others have decided to build our tent so we could have a place to stay, while others are sort of enjoying taking pictures in the heat of the sun.

There are lot of things you can do in the beach like snorkeling, swimming, island hopping and enjoy the sunset, the sand and the view.

It may not be as unspoiled as other beaches out there, but it is a good place for a quick getaway or an overnight beach camping.


until we meet again

a very productive summer

learning how to piano :)


I once glanced at a sweet-store-booth some jars of sweets, so I’ve decided to make my own. The jello that I used was sorta disturbing but that’s the only available in store near our house so I just dealt with it.  On the other hand, the taste was superb, I was satisfied not just because I made it, but it really does.  


sa tagalog, KITA MO?